Your Vehicle Preparation

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25+ years


It’s almost time for your vehicle to be dropped off for installation!
This is also a friendly reminder to have your vehicle washed at least 24hrs prior to your scheduled drop off date
Below are specific washing instructions – please review

Wash the vehicle to be wrapped the day BEFORE dropping it off, not the day of.
Water gets into small seals and cracks and needs at least 24 hours to dry out. If it is not dry and leaks water onto the adhesive on the back of the vinyl it will ruin that panel delaying installation and possibly costing additional money to reprint the panel lost.

If you live in a rainy city we recommend washing and dropping off the vehicle the night before the installation. This way your vehicle can dry overnight to avoid the same issues mentioned above.

When you wash the vehicle please make sure it is cleaned very well. Pay special attention to all of the areas that will be wrapped (refer to your approved proofs for confirmation), especially just inside the wheel well area that is painted the same color as your car.

If the car still has a dirt film or mud stains please wash again. If you can feel dirt when running your hands on the vehicle, it is not clean yet. The paint needs to look very clean, like something you would find on a new or used car lot.

When washing, please do NOT wax your vehicle or use any tire shine. Wax will act as a barrier for the adhesive to stick to your vehicle’s paint and tire shine can get on the freshly washed car and make it oily. This will make it difficult for the adhesive to stick properly.

If the vehicle is dropped off dirty, then our installers will have to wash the vehicle. This will cause a chain reaction of events that affect every job on our schedule. First, there will be a fee of $350, applied to your Invoice. This will compensate the installers for the time of the wash and the hours of work lost due to waiting for the remainder of the day for it to dry. The car might not be completed on time and we may have to reschedule the install for a later date.

The installation process can take up to 2-3 days and we deal mainly with businesses, so our schedule is timed out to meet everyone’s needs and it is difficult to make last minute changes. If the car is not dropped off on the scheduled date without any notice there will be a $350 fee added to the final bill. To give your vehicle the attention it deserves, it is more than likely the only thing on the schedule for those specific days. That makes it very difficult for us to slip another customer in your place on such short notice.

Thank you so much & we are excited for you to see the end result!