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April 5, 2022   |   Marketing and Advertising, Tips,

Recession-Proofing Your Business

Throughout the years, we have seen the fluid state of the economy in the United States. From the lows of the Great Depression and the Great Recession to the booms that followed, the economy of the United States, and the world, is constantly in flux due to various events.

Most recently, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the events of the Russo-Ukrainian War, we are seeing the negative impact they are having on the economy. For business owners, the rising inflation rates can be an intimidating obstacle to confront in order to maintain the success of their organization.

Making Budget Cuts

In a recession or times of economic stress, business owners often look for ways they can lower their costs and save money. Most of the time, when businesses feel they need to cut costs, they start by cutting their marketing budgets because they see them as non-essential. While it will be tempting and may seem like the right move to save, maintaining your marketing efforts has been shown to lead to positive results.

As economists have predicted though, the current economic state will more than likely get worse before it can improve. Due to this, maintaining an effective marketing effort will more than likely become more and more difficult for smaller businesses.

While every business may not be able to continually pump out money for their marketing efforts as the economy trends downward, companies can make investments now that will continue to provide returns well into the future.

Investing in Long-Lasting Results

As a company that deals with many other businesses, after the events of the last recession in the United States we saw the positive results that came from companies investing in marketing for their business. Even after these companies cut back on their day-to-day spending through other marketing channels, they were still receiving new customers or jobs thanks to their previous investment in wrapping their vehicles.

On average, the cost of a brand-new wrap and a custom design will come out to $3,313. When paid out over 4 years, this price comes out to just $69 a month! Whether you choose to pay all the costs upfront or split it, investing in a vehicle wrap will help deliver results for years to come while competitors without wraps are making budget cuts to weather the storm.

Their initial investment in vehicle wraps helped to recession-proof their businesses and see success in a time when conducting business was difficult. One of our customers came to us after this time to share their story and how wrapping their vehicles early on helped get them through the recession.

A Wrap on the Recession

The story begins with Joe Marsh, who asked us to implement a half wrap on his Hummer H2 in 2005. He hadn’t dealt with vehicle wraps before, but he decided that it might be worth the investment to help market his paving business. This worked out for him as the costs were lower than a marketing plan, something he wasn’t willing to pay extraordinary amounts of cash for.

As we always do, we designed his print and installed the wrap onto his massive hummer. Joe was ecstatic to see how it looked, being new to this kind of industry.

After picking up his hummer, he made his way to his office. What happened next was a testament to how effective vehicle wraps can be.

During traffic, he received a call from a potential customer. The funny thing was that this customer was next to him, in her car, calling him right then and there.

She asked for an estimate for some work she needed to be done. Joe agreed, taken aback by what just happened, and agreed to meet up later, without the busy traffic in their way.

Our favorite part of this story is that Joe immediately called Steve, our CEO of Fleet Wrap HQ, and told him how he had already been contacted by a potential customer, on the drive from picking up his freshly wrapped hummer.

He later went out and gave a quote to the client. She accepted the project at around $30,000.

Ever since that moment in 2005, we have continuously worked with Joe, and continue to wrap his vehicles to this very day. He has since expanded from Arizona to California, and the San Diego area, where we also wrap his vehicles.

Recession-Proof Your Business with Fleet Wrap HQ

Times of economic uncertainty or recession can be intimidating for any business, big or small. At Fleet Wrap HQ, as a business that works closely with other businesses, we understand the financial hardships that accompany difficult economic times. We have also seen firsthand how our customers have been able to continue to grow their revenue and increase their market share while competitors were pulling back spending.

While we can’t guarantee the future of the economy, we can speak for the results of our vehicle wraps. By investing in and wrapping vehicles before the economy can continue to deteriorate, business owners are taking steps toward recession-proofing their businesses. With a one-time charge for a vehicle wrap in the good times, brands can save their marketing efforts, and themselves, in the bad using one of the most effective and cost-efficient forms of marketing.

Discover the difference wrapping your vehicle today can have on your business in the coming years by contacting Fleet Wrap HQ!


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