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3 Mistakes to Avoid on Vehicle Wrap Designs

A vehicle wrap can be one of the most influential pieces of your marketing strategy. With the number of impressions and the audience a wrapped fleet can reach, it is essential to have a design that is effective and conveys your message the best way. In order to ensure that your vehicles end up with the best wrap, it will be crucial to avoid these three common vehicle wrap design mistakes during the planning phase.

Text on the Vehicle Wrap

The text you include on a vehicle wrap is often the most essential element of a vehicle wrap design next to your company’s branding. When it comes to a fleet wrap, the text that is included in the design will be essential for conveying information to those who see the vehicle. When planning a vehicle wrap, take the time to consider what information is the most important to share with consumers.

Keep the Critical Information

One of the most common wrap design mistakes that gets made is the inclusion of too much text or text that is too hard to read as people are passing by. Remember, most people will see vehicle wraps on the road and from their own vehicle, so keep the text short, sweet, and to the point and implement visual hierarchy. Some of the most critical information to have on your vehicle wraps include:

• Business Name
• Tag Line or Slogan
• Services Offered – Limit these to the top services to prevent overcrowding
• Contact Information – Phone Number, Email Address, or Website

Make Your Text Stand Out

A vehicle wrap is no good if the text can’t be easily seen and read. Ensure that all text stands out no matter which part of the vehicle it is on. The text on a vehicle wrap shouldn’t blend in with the background design or colors and should be in a legible font and large enough to see from a distance. Most people will only look at a wrap for a moment. Give them the key information with big and bold text to ensure your message is being conveyed.

Pro Tip: Design your vehicle wrap to be the same on the driver and passenger sides of the vehicle. Remember, most people will see a wrap on the road and will be unable to see every side of a vehicle. If each side has different information, potential customers could be missing out on valuable information.

Keep the Wrap Design Assets from Being Mistakes

After text, the design of a vehicle wrap is one of the most influential pieces of a wrap design. While many may think that going with a bright and loud design will help attract more attention, these wrap design choices could be mistakes. A fleet wrap design should always be recognizable with your brand. This means using your brand colors and logo to help people connect from the vehicle wrap to the business. Like any piece of marketing material, anyone who sees a vehicle from your fleet should be able to recognize that it belongs to your brand.

Keep Wrap Designs Simple

While it may be tempting to want a big and flashy design, adding more design elements to a vehicle wrap can make it busy and challenging to read. When choosing a color scheme, try and keep color choices down to two or three options that are relevant to your branding. Using fewer colors makes it easier to align design elements and color contrasts and avoid wrap design mistakes that make a wrap difficult to interpret. If you choose to use a patterned background, ensure that it won’t conflict with your text and logo placement.

Design Around the Vehicle

Some fleets have vehicles of various shapes and sizes. While a single wrap design can be used as the template for each vehicle, ensure that the design is optimized to work with each vehicle that it will be applied to. A van, a truck, and a car will all have different shapes and surface areas. By optimizing the wrap design, you can avoid mistakes when the vinyl is applied, such as cut-off design elements. Considering the shape, curves, and features of a vehicle will also be vital to ensuring that text or design elements aren’t distorted by being placed over a bump that is part of the vehicle.

Design with a Pro

When designing a wrap, it is critical to take several factors into consideration to ensure that wrap design mistakes are being avoided. Working with a professional vehicle wrap designer will make all the difference in the final result of a fleet wrap. At Fleet Wrap HQ, our expert designers have the experience of creating designs for various brands and companies. With over 12,000 vehicle wraps under our belt for a wide variety of vehicles and designs, we can ensure a wrap design free of mistakes. Contact us today and see how our team of designers can help create a wrap that will be a perfect fit for your vehicles.


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