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Your fleet is on the road every day. They’re making deliveries and serving customers, driving all over your target areas and parking at customer’s homes and places of business. If you’re not adding vehicle wraps to your fleet, you’re losing valuable opportunities to create brand recognition and market your business to potential clients.

Your Goal is Our Goal: To keep your Fleet of Vehicles looking pristine and on the road for years to come by using the finest quality INK and VINYL and by offering skillful INSTALLATION by our expert technicians.

Our Vehicle Wraps Last the Longest, Look the Best and Keep Your Vehicles on the road working for you! That’s a return on your investment you don’t want to miss out on!

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Your marketing dollars

As a savvy decision maker for your business, you want assurance that your hard-earned dollars are being spent wisely. There are many advertising and marketing options available today, so deciding which marketing tools will generate the most income and provide the best return on investment is a top priority. You want marketing that stands out, creates a lasting impression, generates lots of new leads and is a great return on your investment. You want marketing that works hard for you, so you can focus on the nuts and bolts of running your business. Fleet Wrap HQ can help!
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Vehicle wrap marketing?

We’re glad you asked. Some business owners believe that the only way to effectively advertise their company or services is through the internet, but this is just not true. Tried and true methods work just as well and sometimes better. Don’t get us wrong, we know the internet is a valuable marketing tool. (you’re reading this on our website, aren’t you?) However, vehicle wrap marketing can be a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. It delivers your message to a large local audience, establishes brand recognition for your company and provides a great return on your investment. It’s the kind of genius marketing that all successful business owners rely on again and again to work smarter for them.

Reach large, targeted audiences.

Make your company vehicles work for you and turn them into traveling billboards for your company. That’s some powerful advertising. Vehicle wraps have the potential to reach large, targeted audiences. By driving your vehicle to and from work and parking it in highly visible areas, you are maximizing your marketing dollars every single day. Are your vehicles on the road often? Even better! Now you’re really putting your company fleet to work for you, just by driving! Your delivery and service vehicles are seen in neighborhoods and on city streets all day long, so put them to work for you by advertising your business while traveling to or parking at your customer’s home or office. Research shows that in some large metropolitan areas like Phoenix, a wrapped vehicle has the potential to generate between 30,000 and 70,000 impressions DAILY! If those numbers aren’t enough to convince you, remember that each of those impressions is a person who lives, works or visits locally. You can be confident that your vehicle wrap marketing targets local consumers every day, thousands of times a day, in the same area where you operate your business.

Create brand recognition.

Let’s say you commute every day for work and you regularly see trucks for a local air conditioning and heating service company. Their trucks are wrapped in pristine, eye-catching colors with a well displayed logo and slogan. Their phone number is prominently displayed and easy to read. Your air conditioning may be working just fine right now, but what about when it goes out in a few months? Which company are you going to think of first? Most likely, that air conditioning service company you’ve seen many times on your daily commute. In marketing speak, that’s called “Top of Mind Awareness.” For example, when I say family friendly movies, what comes to mind? Chances are, you would say Disney. It’s just that simple. The company that creates a lasting impression will be “Top of Mind” when the customer is in the market for their services. We all know how important it is to get the attention of your target audience, but it’s just as important to keep their attention, right? Creating a solid, trusted brand drives customers decision when choosing between you and your competitors. It drives repeat sales, tells your company story and builds trust with your customers.

Higher return for your investment dollar

Because of the high amount of impressions your wrapped vehicle provides (remember those potential 30,000-70,000 impressions per day we talked about earlier?), vehicle wrap advertising often results in a much lower “cost per impression” than other marketing tactics such as social media or search engine marketing.

Most repetitive advertising also has a repetitive cost. You’re too smart for that. A vehicle wrap today means returns on your investment for years to come! That’s smart marketing.

Steve Cortez’s Secrets to Success

After the market crash of 2008, we noticed an interesting phenomenon. While everyone else was pulling back on their marketing budgets to save money, our customers continued to gain traction over their competitors who did not have vehicle wraps. Our customers continued to stay busy, weather the storm, and make a profit. Recession-proof your business today!

Marketing that stands out

When you’re driving around town, which company vehicles really stand out to you? The ones that look dirty and have paint and/or decals peeling off? Nobody trusts those guys. They’re sending a clear message that whatever service they’re providing is not up to snuff. No matter what industry you’re in, consumers want reassurance that they’re getting the very best – the best in quality, service and value. You want your company vehicles to send a clear message that when the customer chooses you, they’re choosing the very best. Our Fleet Wrap HQ vehicle wraps send that message. In fact, we’ve designed over 10,000 vehicles for clients that stand out above the rest.

Full Vehicle Wraps

If you’re looking to get the most exposure for your company vehicle or fleet, full vehicle wraps are your best option. Full vehicle wraps grab consumer attention as your company vehicles travel around town. They are an effective way to create strong brand recognition and share your message with a wide audience.

Does this Include Windows?

Yes, our full vehicle wrap service includes window wraps. By printing on perforated, street-legal vinyl, your image can be seen from the outside but still provide complete visibility to those inside the vehicle.

How About Covering the Entire Roof?

The roof is not typically included because it cannot be seen by the public. Instead, we utilize a “brow,” which covers about 12-18” on the roof to make it appear that the whole roof is wrapped. Of course, we are always happy to include rooftop designs if requested specifically by our clients.

Partial Vehicle Wraps

If you’re looking for a great return on your investment, partial vehicle wraps deliver. Partial vehicle wraps provide eye-catching designs that blend seamlessly into your vehicle without ever looking like a “budget” design. Partial vehicle wraps are an affordable way to deliver your company message to potential and current clients.

What is the Difference Between Three-Quarter and Half-Vehicle Wraps?

Typically, three-quarter vehicle wraps cover three-quarters of the vehicle’s sides, including the back. Half-vehicle wraps cover half of the sides of the vehicle and the back. Whether three-quarters or half of a vehicle is wrapped, a partial vehicle wrap can help you achieve the full results you’re looking for.

Spot Graphics

Using vinyl decals, typically called “spot graphics,” are an affordable way to market your business. These decals can be cut to any shape and can be placed almost anywhere on your vehicle. Spot graphics are an excellent way to create strong branding and effectively display company logos and contact information.

What if I’d Like to Change my Logo or Phone Number in the Future?

No problem! We can print & install overlays so the information can be changed if you need to update information. To keep your wrap process smooth, we also alter your permanent files for future decals at no charge.


Fleet Wrap HQ wrapped the trailer we use for our landscaping services. Prior to wrapping the trailer we used a magnet with info on it to draw in business. It was few and far between. Once the team at Fleet Wrap HQ wrapped the trailer the phone was instantly ringing. Thanks for making potential customers trust in our services!

Michael Cleavenger | The Cleaning Monkey