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Advantage of Using Knifeless Vehicle Wrap Tape

The Advantage of Using Knifeless Vehicle Tape To Wrap Your Commercial Vehicles

The knifeless vehicle wrap tapes have become a popular choice among Denver vinyl car wraps as they present businesses with the needed protection against additional cost of repainting service cars. Picture that as a small business owner, you have invested in a vehicle wrap design for your fleet and just when you turned in some of the leased vehicles, the leasing company took off the wraps only to find cuts on the surface of the paint thus putting you at a disadvantage of catering to the cost of the vehicle repainting project. Well, a simple solution to this scenario would have been if you had chosen the knifeless vehicle wrap tape.

While the above described scenario may appear farfetched, there is the need to understand that either you have leased the vehicle or it belongs to your company, the damage to the vehicle paint is done and a great option would be to avoid the recurrence of such situation by seeking better alternatives. One of the most important considerations when seeking to avoid occurrence or recurrence of this situation is to ensure that the installer knows what they are doing or else you may end up with knife marks on the entire paint job, except you choose the knifeless vehicle wrap tape.

What Is Knifeless Wrap Tape?

This is a sociality product which has been designed mainly to improve on the flaws of the pre-existing vehicle wraps. The knifeless vehicle wrap tape is designed to replace blades during vehicle graphics installation. With the knifeless vehicle wraps, a filament is run down the center of the highly flexible tape which can be used around curve such as the fenders and wheel wells.

The knifeless tape is placed on the substrate before the adhesive vinyl is applied and once this has been done, the thread at the center is pulled through the graphic for a bladeless cut. While this is a brilliant idea, there is the need to know that there are several types of knifeless tapes, especially produced by 3M manufacturers.


The knifeless vehicle wrap tapes have changed the face of vehicle graphic installation as this has significantly reduced the cost associated with maintaining vehicles following the removal of car wraps. In addition, this has also reduced the amount of damage caused to the original paint job on vehicles.

Below are some of the advantages of the knifeless vehicle wrap tapes

  • Can easily cut most vinyl wrap films
  • Patented design turns easily in any direction, especially to follow contours and curves on the car
  • It can be used for both single and multiple vinyl layer applications.

3M Finish Line Knifeless cutting tape

For business owners who choose not to fall victim to the scenario described above, there is the need to consider the use of knifeless cutting tape for your fleet. It is however important to discuss at length with your vehicle graphics installer what the requirements of the wrap job is as in most cases, the tape may not work for every single wrap installation, although it works for many.

Talk To A Vehicle Wrap Specialist in Denver

Be sure to ask your vehicle wrap team if they make use of knifeless vehicle wrap tapes as this could save you a lot of pain and extra cost.

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