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February 1, 2021   |   Marketing and Advertising, Tips,
How to Get More Impressions from Your Vehicle Wrap

We’ve talked about how effective a vehicle wrap can be for getting your business noticed in previous blogs. With the lowest cost per impression and the highest possible number of daily impressions, vehicle wrap advertising can significantly impact your business. To maximize the positive influence of your vehicle wrap, we’re sharing some of our tips to get your brand in front of as many eyes as possible.

Start with the Design

The influence design can have on consumer behavior applies to vehicle wraps as well. A good design will make or break any advertising effort. That’s why it’s important to make sure your vehicle wrap is what you want. From graphics to fonts to colors, every aspect of your wrap should reflect your brand. On top of reflecting the identity of your business, your design should remember the following guidelines:
• Include a Clear, Well-Designed Logo and Contact Information
• Avoid Too Many Images
• Keep Text Short and Sweet

These guidelines all focus on the idea that consumers may only have a few seconds to see your design. Making the design clear and precise helps to make it more memorable to anyone who might pass by it.

Drive Often and Where Your Target Audience Is

Once your vehicle has been wrapped, you won’t want to leave it parked in the garage. The key to getting impressions and conversions is visibility. It may seem pretty straightforward, and that’s because it is! The more often your vehicle is out on the open road, the more consumers will see your brand. If the time and resources are available, you can even extend your driving routes or have dedicated driving times to focus specifically on getting your mobile ad around town.

Although randomly driving around will get people to notice your brand, strategizing around your target audience can lead to more conversion instead of just impressions. For example, if you owned a dog grooming business, including dog parks on your route would help consumers with furry friends who could use a bath after a day of play, notice your business. Whomever your audience may be, they’re going to have places they often visit that reflect their interests and the services you provide. Take some time to strategize and plan a route that will help you get the most from your vehicle wrap.

Attend Events

Like how your target audience will visit specific locations, they will also attend events around your city. Whether it be a trade show, sporting event, concert, or community event, just parking your vehicle at them can help your brand get impressions from consumers that have mutual interests. No matter event’s size, attending will help get your brand in front of additional eyes that could turn into potential customers.

Your Driving Reflects Your Business

Once a car is wrapped, it becomes an extension of your business. This means that people will associate the driving with your business. It is important to know the rules of the road and always practice safe driving habits whenever you drive, and even more important, when it’s a wrapped vehicle. Bad driving habits can be unsafe and give possible consumers a negative first impression of your business. Ensure that all your impressions are positive ones by following the rules and being respectful of other drivers.

Whether you have a single car or a full fleet wrapped, mobile advertising can make a massive difference in the number of impressions your business receives. From design to execution, our professionals are here to get your vehicles ready to advertise your business. Request a quote today and start earning thousands of impressions just by driving.


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