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Choose the Right Wrap for Your Food Truck

Choose the Right Wrap for Your Food Truck

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It was only a decade ago that the first food truck hit the streets in the United States. There are now more than 4,000 businesses which support the $1.2 billion industry. The model has been proven successful, but that also means if you’re in the industry, it’s important that you differentiate your fleet from the pack. Your food truck wrap is a simple way to do this and, if you choose the right one, you’ll not only improve brand awareness but increase sales too. Here’s what to look for as you make your decision.

Look for Quality

Your food truck wrap will be a big part of the first impression you make on customers. Low-quality wraps can look shoddy from the start or begin to fade or show signs of wear long before their time, which can leave people with the impression that you’re not invested in quality or, worse yet, not concerned with cleanliness. On the other hand, a high-quality food truck wrap will look fresh for up to five years and demonstrate professionalism.

One thing to help judge quality before you have your wrap made is to look for wrap companies which source their materials from reputable brands like 3M or offer a guarantee. You can also ask where you can view examples of their work which are at least a few years old.

Consider Graphics

You don’t need to be a graphic designer to see that there are drastic differences between these two trucks. Imagine you’re a consumer and you’re staring at a row of food trucks, eager to indulge your sweet tooth. Which one will you go for? Odds are, you can’t even tell what the one in the top image has to offer. We’ve taken the liberty of editing out the company name on that image, so as not to publicly embarrass them, but that’s the only change made. Not only is it a very busy design, but it doesn’t convey what they’re offering. On the other hand, the lower image is clear. It doesn’t matter if you’re staring at the truck from the other end of the street, across a football field, or even in an area with obscured vision, like a park with trees, you know exactly what you can get from them. And, chances are, all that gooey chocolate dripping off the top made you hungry too.

Before you choose a designer, look at examples of designs they’ve created, and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can I tell what this company offers at a glance?
  • Can I tell who this company is?
  • Do I know how to get in touch with this company later?
  • Does the appearance of the truck give me confidence as a consumer/ make me want to purchase something from them?

A bit more than that goes into quality design, but that’s a good start. If you’re looking over the wrap company’s portfolio and can’t answer “yes” to the questions above for most of their projects, keep looking for alternates. Your food truck is the equivalent of a rolling business card. It needs to be compelling and easy to follow.

Think About Branding

We’re exposed to hundreds, if not thousands, of branding messages every day, and we can’t possibly remember them all. However, if you see golden arches, you know what restaurant you’ve found yourself at. If you pick up a red soda can with white writing and a sweeping line below it, you know which cola you’re holding. That’s what your food truck needs to do too.

If you’re working with a good designer, they’ll work your existing brand elements into your wrap design. This includes things like the color, logo, and slogan already in use on your website, business cards, and packaging materials. If you don’t have these elements in place, the company you choose to partner with for the wrap should be willing to work with you to select a scheme you can stick with for the long haul. It’ll make it easier for repeat customers to identify your truck while you’re out and give a sense of consistency for consumers. Plus, really great branding will help people know what to expect from your company and send messages which inspire them to take action.

Need More Help Choosing the Right Food Truck Wrap?

You’re in the foodservice industry because you’re really good at making things people love to eat. We’re in the food truck wrap business because we’re really good at building brands and making food trucks attract people who want to eat the things you make. In other words, you don’t have to have all the answers when you work with professionals who make epic food truck wraps day in and day out. We’ll guide you through the process, from choosing the right materials for your needs through selecting design elements to inform and entice, and even provide free quotes, so it’s easy to have a wrap you can be proud of. Contact us to learn more or get your free food truck wrap quote.

Putting your best fleet forward

Our goal is not just to provide you with a high-quality wrap you’ll love, but to provide a vehicle wrap that is designed to generate additional leads, either emails, phone calls, texts and help grow your business to the next level. When we work with you, we work as if we’re a part of your team. Aiming to make the process seamless, while taking an investment in the future and success of your business.

Why Bring FleetWrap HQ into Your Team?

Process - With more than 13,000 wraps under our belt, we have the vehicle wrap process down to science to ensure you have a seamless experience.

Detail - We treat every wrap like it’s our own. From start to finish our team takes precise care to deliver a final wrap that you’ll love and will last for years to come.

Results - Our wraps are guaranteed to catch the eye of potential customers. No matter your industry, by investing in vehicle wraps you can enjoy the growth and return on investment well into the future.
This team doesn't mess around. The design for our 3 vehicles exceeded my expectations. Installation was one day. We had one minor issue which they addressed and stand by their work. We will be back.
- Seth