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January 4, 2021   |   Marketing and Advertising,

How Effective is Vehicle Wrap Advertising?

As technology has developed, so have the platforms that are available for advertising

From print to digital and everything in between, there are a variety of options for every business. Thousands of companies have already made the decision to use their vehicles for advertising. Still, the question is, how effective is vehicle wrap advertising? We’ve got all the facts to show just how much of a difference a vehicle wrap can make.

Making Impressions with Vehicle Wrap Advertising

When it comes to advertising, there are certain boxes that you want to check with your efforts. One of the biggest is making sure that you are getting impressions from consumers. Impressions are essentially the opportunity your advertisement has to be seen by consumers.

When it comes to vehicle wrap advertising, the average number of impressions that an individual vehicle wrap can make is between 30,000 and 70,000 daily. These impressions are also not limited to specific demographics, meaning your advertising will reach a wider audience.

The Cost per Impression

One of the biggest worries when choosing your advertising medium is knowing the value that it has. Most advertisers will do this by setting a cost value to each impression. Marketing experts consider vehicle wrap advertising to have the lowest cost per thousand impressions and the highest number of impressions per dollar compared to the other advertising channels.

Although the actual number will vary based on location and driving frequency, there have been reported ranges from $0.15 to $0.77 per thousand impressions. Billboards are the next closest medium with a cost of $2.18 per thousand impressions. For a fraction of the cost, you can make a few thousand more impressions using vehicle wrap advertising.

Getting Noticed

The thing about advertising is that most people will try to ignore it if they can. Some consumers will change the channel or station during ads, and others will pay to ignore them completely. Those options aren’t available when it comes to vehicle wrap advertising.

The American Trucking Association has reported that 96% of people noticed ads on the sides of vehicles, which was the highest notice rate compared to other advertising channels. Not only were those ads noticed, but they also offered other positive impacts, according to a few studies:

  • 97% of audiences remembered the ads they saw.
  • 98% of audiences said vehicle graphics created a positive image of the company.
  • 75% of audiences developed a first impression of the company.

Overall, vehicle wrap advertising had a positive effect on the audiences that saw the mobile ads.

Return on Investment

ROI is the most prominent way that businesses measure their advertising success. That method is a little more difficult when advertising through vehicle wraps. Unless you set up tracking methods beforehand, it won’t be easy to know if any new conversions result from your vehicle wraps. To properly track your ROI, we have a couple of options that you could implement to help with data collection:

  • Create a specific landing page on your website with a custom URL that is only on your vehicle. Just make sure the link is easy to remember.
  • Provide a separate phone number to call that will only be on the vehicle wraps. This was you’ll be able to log and record any calls that come to that number.
  • Offer a special deal or discount that you only advertise on your vehicle. Whenever someone brings it up on a call, you’ll know that they saw your vehicle wrap.

Remember – tracking in advertising is impossible to achieve 100% accuracy, but the more impressions you have across multiple channels, the higher likelihood of converting someone who sees a paid ad from another platform.

A Wrap on Vehicle Advertising

There are so many options to choose from when picking an advertising channel, but one has gone above and beyond in terms of results. Vehicle wrap advertising has incredible potential in reaching audiences, and at a lower cost than any other medium. Not only will you reach new people, but with a great design and quality wrap, your vehicle will be remembered by those people, which can turn into conversions.

When looking to wrap your vehicle for your business, go with the experts. At Fleet Wrap HQ, we have over 21 years of experience, and over 15,000 vehicle wraps under our hood. From design conception to execution on your vehicle, we help you through the entire process. Start making a difference with your marketing, and contact us today!


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