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May 1, 2021   |   Tips,
Car Wrap or Paint Job, Which is Best for You?

For a long time, many believed that a paint job was the only way to customize your vehicle’s body but that all changed when vinyl car wraps gained popularity. Though we first saw the idea of wrapping vehicles in the 1950s, the design options were limited and not easily available to the public. This has changed in modern times, and now vehicle wraps are giving paint jobs their greatest competition. What sets the two apart, and which is best for you? We’ve got the answers!


Before most people make a decision, we often consider the costs associated with them, especially when it involves a vehicle. When choosing between a paint job or a vehicle wrap, it will be important to consider your budget and what it will cost to complete what you want. The average cost of a custom paint job can cost up to $10,000 for just one vehicle, and that price will typically stay consistent when painting a fleet of cars. On the other hand, Vinyl wraps usually range between $2,500 and $5,000 and often cost less when wrapping multiple vehicles.


Time is critical when it comes to your vehicle. Whether it’s for personal or business use, the time when you are unable to use your car can be inconvenient or affect your productivity. No matter the type or quality of paint job you will be getting, the old paint will first have to be removed from your vehicle before applying any paint. This prep work will take time and raise the overall cost if there is an extensive amount of work to be done. When it comes to the painting itself, the number of layers will play a significant role in the amount of time it takes for a paint job. Depending on the paint used, each layer can take approximately eight hours to dry. Every job will often require multiple layers to make sure there is an even finish. This layering and drying paint process could put your vehicle out of commission for anywhere between 1-3 weeks.

When wrapping a vehicle, there is significantly less prep work to be done to the vehicle; usually, a simple wash and dry is all it will take. Another benefit of choosing to wrap your vehicle is that it’s one layer and done, unlike paint. This one layer of vinyl means that you won’t have to wait weeks to get your car back on the road. In fact, most wraps will only take a maximum of three days to complete on a vehicle.


Both styles of car customization can offer a unique vehicle style. Whether you choose a car wrap or paint job, you can choose the finish, color, and imagery that will be on your vehicle. The most significant difference is the range of colors and photorealism that printing can produce on car wraps. You won’t have to worry about your logo being a slightly different shade with a vehicle wrap because your brand color wasn’t available in paint. You will also be able to guarantee design consistency across multiple vehicles since printing is sourced from digital files.

Choosing between a paint job and a vehicle wrap can make all the difference to the result of your car’s design. At FleetWrap HQ, we can customize a car wrap to meet the needs of each vehicle. No car is too big or small, and with our advanced printing technology, we can create any design you can think of for your vehicle fleet. Contact us today to see how we can make the design of your dreams a reality for your fleet vehicles.


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