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January 6, 2022   |   Marketing and Advertising,

Top 4 Businesses That Can Benefit From Vehicle Wraps

As a business owner, you may have wondered what the best way to advertise your business is. What is the secret to getting your business out in front of as many eyes as possible? Vehicle wraps! Vehicle wraps are one of the most cost-effective advertising tools in today’s landscape. Whether you only have one company vehicle or a whole fleet, car wraps for businesses can make your company appear professional and trustworthy to customers while also helping you reach a new and wider audience while you’re out on the town.

Trade Services

Businesses that specialize in trades greatly benefit from using vehicle wraps to establish their image and make their vans, trucks and cars easier to identify. This field is a broad category that encompasses many types of skilled trades. Some examples include:

• Plumbers
• Electricians
• Contractors
• Roofers
• Landscapers
• HVAC technicians
• Painters
• Cleaning services
• Telecomm installers

In addition to helping you advertise your services to drivers on the road, vehicle wraps can also help you attract attention in the neighborhood where you’re doing work. For example, if you’re doing landscaping for a client or painting the exterior of their house, having your branded vehicle parked outside the home where you’re working will help you advertise to all the neighbors. If they’re impressed by the job you do, they’ll know who to call to have the same work done at their homes.

Even if neighbors can’t see the work you’re doing, as in the case of HVAC repairs, kitchen remodels or cleaning services, they will still take note of who their neighbor trusts to get the job done. If they need similar work done, why spend hours comparing companies online when they can simply ask their neighbor if they had a good experience with your company?

This means vehicle wraps can help you advertise directly to your audience and encourage personal recommendations. Connecting your target audience with converted customers is key to the success of any service business. Around the world 92% of consumers say the form of advertising they trust over all others is earned media, which includes recommendations from friends and family.

Food Industry

The food industry can also benefit greatly from vehicle wraps. In fact, they’re practically a necessity for some businesses in this industry. If you want to make people’s mouths water and get them excited for tasty deliveries, you need custom vehicle graphics that show off your branding and culinary skills. Let’s look at a few types of businesses in the food industry and how they can make the most of vehicle wraps:

• Food trucks
• Restaurants
• Caterers and bakeries

Businesses that Deliver

Businesses in the food industry aren’t the only ones that deliver, of course. Many businesses offer some sort of delivery service to their customers. When you make a delivery, a branded delivery vehicle will ensure the customer recognizes who is arriving at their home. In the case of surprise deliveries, it’s especially important that a person does not see an unmarked van in their driveway. Set their mind at ease and let them get excited right away, seeing that they’re receiving a gift from an admirer or friend. If your business delivers any type of product, you should consider wrapping your delivery vehicles.

Businesses That Want to Advertise on the Road

Your business doesn’t have to perform services at people’s homes or deliver products to benefit from custom business vehicle wraps. Virtually any business can use vehicle wraps to advertise their products or services wherever they go. Vehicle wraps are a form of out-of-home (OOH) advertising, meaning they grab people’s attention when they’re out and about in public. Research shows that this type of advertising generates an average return on investment of $5.97 in sales for every dollar spent on the advertisement.

Advertising on a vehicle can be an especially effective form of OOH advertising because it’s unexpected. Amid a sea of neutral-colored cars, your vehicle covered in eye-catching graphics will absolutely stand out. With colorful graphics and a compelling call to action, you can enhance your brand recognition and pull in new customers, right there on the road. So, whether you run a store, a law office, a pet grooming business, a nail salon or any other type of business, custom vehicle wraps can help you put a spotlight on your company.

Custom Vehicle Wraps from Fleet Wrap HQ

Out-of-home marketing is a breeze when you partner with Fleet Wrap HQ. Our team of experts will help you from start to finish to ensure that your vehicles are wrapped in a way that will impress and represent your business how you want it to be represented. With over 12,000 different vinyl wraps under our belt, we can guarantee a vehicle wrap that you’ll be proud to show off around town. Discover the difference a wrap can make for your business by contacting us today!


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