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Tips For Easily Avoiding And Repairing Bubbling From Vehicle Graphic Applications

While bubble baths, blowing bubbles, bubble fountains and more may appear fun, bubbles in some scenarios may be disastrous. Such areas where bubbles may be disastrous is vehicle graphics installation. Bubbles in Car Wraps Denver, over time can retain moisture which over time expands and contracts thus leading to tears. While as a graphics installer you want to avoid bubbles, there is also the need to know the best ways to ensure that you can carefully repair bubbles when it occurs.

Seeing as you will rather prevent the occurrence of bubbles in the car wraps rather than repair it, below are some of the information which is guaranteed to help you make the best of the installation process.

Avoiding Bubbles In Vehicle Graphics

As a car wrap installer, there is a need to ensure that proper steps are taken to avoid the incidence of vehicle graphic bubbles. To ensure that you get the best vehicle graphics services, hire a qualified and professional car wraps installer.

While the services of a pro are essential, below are some of the other factors that can affect the quality of the overall vehicle graphics work.

Use The Right Materials

There are several materials in the market that boasts of different quality and as such, there is the need to ensure that you pick only the best quality vehicle wrap materials to serve your specific needs. Take into consideration that different materials boast of varied compositions and can be used for varied applications. A professional in the field is however expected to know the essential materials and quality of material to choose for each project.

Proper Preparation

While the quality of material to be used is an important aspect of the overall success of the vehicle wraps application project, there is the need to ensure that proper preparative steps are taken. Ensure that you clean and dry all surfaces before applying adhesive vinyl to vehicle surfaces. It is also important that all solvents be removed from the surface as the smallest debris on the vehicle surface may lead to bubbling. Be sure to pay attention to all forms of debris such as dust, dirt, animal remains or droppings, insects, food particles and more. In some cases, there may be the need to use solvents to remove petrochemicals such as wax, oils and more.

Proper Application

There are several ways bubbles can be caused and the best way to ensure that this is countered is by following recommended installation procedures. Following adequate surface preparations, additional care should be taken to ensure that vinyl is properly heated post application and installation is done in favorable conditions such as supported humidity, temperature and more.

Removing Graphic Bubbles

The best time to remove bubbles from vehicle graphics is during the installation stage as the longer the bubble is allowed to stay, the more problems it creates. To remove a bubble, below are some recommended steps to take;

  • Using a pin, put a small hole in the center of the bubble
  • Squeegee around the bubble to let the air out
  • Use rivet tools for rivets and Roller Pro to pop the rivets out thus preventing bubble formation on the edges of the rivet.

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